Q. My file is too large to submit to NILE or Turnitin - what can I do?


The answer depends partly on what kind of file you're trying to submit.

Video, Audio and Image files

If it's a video file then it should be uploaded to our MediaSpace platform first and then submitted to NILE via a link.

If you're trying to upload a large video (larger than 1000MB) via the Browse button then you will not be able to upload.

Check out this guide to find out more on video submissions.

MediaSpace is perfectly designed to handle large and small video files, as well as audio and images. It will accept all common video formats and if you upload from a strong internet connection then it'll upload really quickly.

If you're not sure if your broadband is up to speed then read this post for some advice.

For a large video, you could consider splitting it into parts or reduce the quality of the video. For Windows users the Freemake Video Converter has simple editing facilities and can convert to lower resolutions. Mac users may need to approach their module tutor for guidance.

Some Media or Journalism students may need to submit professional HD quality videos for submission, which can be uploaded to MediaSpace but might need a couple of extra steps in their submission process. If this is the case then contact your module tutor to discuss the specifics of your particular submission and to clarify your submission process.

Word/PowerPoint/PDF files

If you're trying to submit a large Word or PowerPoint file then it's good practice to reduce the size of any images in the file and in many cases converting the file to a PDF can also help reduce the size. Remember that Turnitin has a strict file limit of 40MB, so a small PDF may be essential. If you're not submitting a file through Turnitin, we'd still recommend you try and reduce the size of your files, as a 1GB PowerPoint file could take a long time to upload to NILE and you could miss your deadline.

If you've not been shown how to compress images then search Lynda.com for video guidance on compressing files, learn how to create and manage PDF files and start to pick up some valuable new skills.


Graphics files or ZIP folders

You may be asked to submit other types of files for your assessment, such as graphics files or ZIP folders, and these could potentially be very large. There is currently no restriction on the size of file you can submit to Blackboard but trying to submit a large ZIP folder over a slow broadband signal ten minutes before your deadline could cause you stress. Talk to your tutor and ask them what they expect and what support they can provide.


Ask your Tutor for help

Remember, it is the responsibility of your tutor to explain or demonstrate the online submission processes they expect you to follow, so don't be afraid to ask for help.


Strong Internet bandwidth is vital

Perhaps the most important thing to remind you is that whatever the file format, and whatever the size, if it's going to be uploaded for assessment then you need an internet service with a strong bandwidth for uploads. If you use the internet on campus then you can expect a good upload speed, but if you're off-campus then you could be uploading your file over a very weak signal. Check your speed. Even if your speed looks good, sometimes the signal may regularly drop out, in which case your upload will be interrupted before the full upload can take place.


LearnTech Tips

  • Consider testing the submission point with a test file before your deadline. (Please check with your tutor first as the settings may only allow one submission).
  • If you need to email us for technical support remember our team finished work at 5pm.
  • Don't leave things to chance, or until the last minute. It could cost you a grade.



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