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If you have been using PebblePad at your university and are about to leave, you are entitled to a free PebblePad account. You will be able to take your assets with you and continue to use PebblePad to support your personal learning and professional development as you move on to the next stage of your career.


The attached tipsheet provides instructions for creating and accessing your PebblePad Alumni Account.


Alumni Account FAQs for V5


Do I qualify for a free Alumni account?

If you are a student or faculty member of a higher education institution then yes, you are eligible for a free alumni account.


When can I create an alumni account?

We strongly recommend creating one just before you leave your current institution.


How do I create an alumni account?

1. Open the ‘Burger menu' found on the top left corner of your Pebble+ account

2. Click on the 'Additional settings' sub-menu to find the ‘Free Alumni Account’ option.

3. From here, you can start the process of creating an alumni account (the detailed instruction is attached at the bottom of this webpage).


You can view and download the tipsheet attached to this topic. Note that it contains a link to the Personal Account login page which you can bookmark or save to your browser, so please select the relevant tipsheet for the region you are in.


What happens to my assets when I move to an Alumni account?

When an alumni account is created, all your assets will automatically be available in the new account.  They appear under a tab to the right of the asset store under the name of your institution (see tipsheet for screenshot).  The assets will still appear in your institutional account as well; the only difference is that you can also edit them directly from your alumni account.

In the event that the institutional assets have not appeared in your alumni account after 24 hours, or you are having issues in opening or editing your assets, please contact support@pebblepad.co.uk with your username and query so we can assist you.


Can I get an Alumni account if my institutional account has been deleted?

If you have left your institution but would still like to have an alumni account, you will need to contact your institution's support team to ask for your account to be reinstated. Once reinstated, you can use the ‘Free Alumni Account’ option from your PebblePad account as normal.

In the event that they are unable to reinstate your account, please request that your institution's support team to contact support@pebblepad.co.uk on your behalf with your username and query so we can check if there's anything we can do for you.


Can I change the email associated with my alumni account?

Currently, there is no built in functionality to change the email address associated with an alumni account. However, if you contact support@pebblepad.co.uk with the following information, we would be happy to change it for you:          

Current email
New email


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