Q. Can I use Collaborate for meetings and interviews?


Yes, Collaborate can be used for external meetings in a similar way as Skype by sending users a guest access code.

We recommend that Collaborate is set up a site on a Program site, where the link is hidden as this prevents its use interfering with any modules.

To do this you will need to contact a learning technologist by email or call 2696. 

We will then arrange training and help you to set up and hide the tool on your program site. 


Accessing the Guest Code

You can copy the guest code from the options menu for each session (see image below)

This can be emailed to your participants. 



High Quality Internet Connection Required

The internet connection required for connecting successfully to Collaborate Ultra is similar to that of online video streaming. This is because you are sharing video and audio in real time. It can not be assumed that all attendees at meetings or interviewees will understand that this is the case. 


To connect to Collaborate Ultra your guests will need:

  • A PC / Mac / tablet with a web cam and Google Chrome installed*
  • Access to a good quality internet signal** 

* Please do not allow guests to connect to Collaborate on a smart phone for meetings or interviews. The quality of 4G data signals are not suitable, also these devices may not support Google Chrome.

** Your guests connections should be capable of streaming high-quality video for a minimum of 10 minutes without buffering, If possible suggest participants use wired internet connections. WiFi signals can be improved by participants sitting closer to the router to maximise the signal. (See more info on Router positioning here)


Test the connection:

Ask your guests to connect to test their connections with the link below.. https://eu.bbcollab.com/guest/e41308db29e94f04bf2bd530884512f6

Guests can share their cameras and microphones by clicking the mic and camera icons at the bottom of the page.


When browsers request access to your camera, accept.

Users should select 'Share Video'


A white level meter inside the microphone icon indicates when it is picking up audio.


If either the audio or camera does not connect then users should click the pink arrow button at the bottom right of the window to open the Collaborate Panel.

Select the Cog icon on the rightright-hand and select 'Set up your camera and microphone'.


Collaborate will first perform an audio test, if users cannot see a pink audio meter on the screen, they must change the audio input in the drop-down menu below (currently set to default).


If a camera is not deteted, users can use the drop down menu.


If users cannot connect or share audio or video through the setup menu they will need to try connecting to Collaborate on a different device.


For reference, the best way for users to connect to Collaborate is from a PC / Mac which is connected to the Internet through a wired connection using Google Chrome.


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