Q. How do I set up a multiple choice test / quiz (MCT / MCQ) on NILE?


You can set up a multiple choice test within your NILE module. Follow these steps to create a new test and deploy it.

Step 1. Open up your NILE module site

Step 2. Scroll down to the bottom of the left menu and click site tools.

Step 3. Tests, surveys and pools. 

Step 4. Click Tests.

Step 5. To create a new test from scratch, click Build Test.

Alternatively, you may have existing tests listed below, which you can copy or edit instead.

Step 6.

Name: Be specific to distinguish it from other tests for the students and to help yourself find it again in the future.

Description: Tell the students what the purpose of the test is and how the results will be used. Whether it forms part of their final grade. 

Instructions: Give instructions about the time limits (if there are any), rules regarding conduct during the test time, for example, whether they can look up the answers or have notes on the desk.

Note: Students with examination anxiety may prefer the use of the word quiz rather than test, especially if this is for evaluation purposes or to consolidate learning.

Step 7. Submit

Step 8. Point to Create Question and you will see a number of options. For the sake of this instructional, we will choose Multiple Choice

Step 9. Type the Question Title. For example Question 1.

Step 10. Type the question in the Question Text area.

Step 11. Choose answer numbering from the drop-down list. I would recommend having numbered questions and choosing Lowercase Letters for the answers.

Step 12. You can choose if the answers go vertically or horizontally. I would recommend leaving it as vertical.

Step 13. Tick if you want to Allow Partial Credit. (If ticked, more setting will be available further down, which are not covered in these instructions).

Step 14. Tick show answers in random order.


Step 15. The default number of answers is set to 4. You can change increase this by using options in the drop-down list. To decrease, select remove next to the answer boxes.

Step 16. Enter your answers into the text areas for each one. Click the radio button (little grey circle) next to the correct answer. Please note, there can only be one correct answer.


Step 17. When students get the results they will see which questions were right or wrong. You can provide additional feedback against the correct answer and the incorrect answers. You can point them towards finding the correct answer if they got it wrong.

Categories and Keywords

Step 18. You can add categories, topics, levels of difficulty or keywords. You may find this useful if the same test will be used again. Click Add, type a tag and click OK. Repeat to add more tags as needed.

Step 19. Finally, you can add some notes which only instructors on the site will see. You may find this useful if different members of staff will be using the same test.

Step 20. Submit

Repeat steps above for each additional question. Questions can be reordered at any time by clicking and dragging them into position.

Step 21. To deploy your test go to Submit your work.

Step 22. Point to Assessments

Step 23. Click Test

See How to deploy your NILE Test or Survey, for more detailed guidance.

Further information about tests can be found on the Blackboard support site.


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