Q. How can I prevent my Blackboard (Qualitative) Rubric overwriting my grade with a 0?


Problem: After adding a grade in the grade centre, the grade is changed to a 0 when a Blackboard qualitative rubric (set to No Points) is edited and saved.


Temporary solutions to resolve this problem: 


  • Edit the rubric and save the rubric before you enter your grade in the grade centre.
  • Enter the grade in grading notes (eg. C, instructor name, date) so you can easily check G grades are correct.
  • If second editing of the rubric is necessary, copy the correct grade value before opening the rubric and paste this back into the grading box to overwrite the incorrect 0.
  • The rubric should only be edited by the first marker, second marker and external examiners can view your rubric feedback in 'View Grade Details'. If there are recommendations to change the rubric feedback, these should be recorded in grading notes. 
  • If you enter the grade in 'Manual Override' it will not be affected by opening and saving the rubric.
  • Check all your 'G' grades before sending to student records in 'Grade History' (see below)
  • If G grades are not entered in the grade centre and only entered in the spreadsheet sent to student records then any 'G' grades in the grade centre will be 'false'. 


Grade History

The history of grading is recorded in the grade history tab: 'Grade History > View Complete History'. By default this displays the last two steps taken by the instructor, to see ALL the grade history click the option 'View Complete History' at the bottom of the window.

Above "Grade History" Window with 'Grade History' selected.


Above: 'View Grade History' button is underneath recent changes to the grade.



Additional Grading Guidance: 


As a result of this issue, we advise all staff who use Blackboard rubrics to record the details of their grading in the 'Grading Notes' area (as below). This is to ensure that there is a clear record of the actual grade visible to both the first and second marker.



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