Q. How do I create a collaborate session?

How to Create a session on your NILE site and how to make sure you have enabled the settings you need.


You will need to have the link on your left-hand menu. If you need to do that first, please follow the instructions here before coming back to this guide. How do I make Collaborate Ultra (Virtual Classroom) available on my module site?

Click on the link on your left-hand menu.

Step 1: Click on the Collaborate link and click Create Session.

Create session button

Event Details.

Step 2: Name your session. Make it something logical so it is easy for you and your students to find.

Step 3: Make sure Guest access is ticked, and guest role is participant.*

Step 4: Enter and start date and time.

Step 5: Enter an end date and time. Best for virtual classroom sessions. Or tick No end (open session), best for 1:1 tutorials or drops-in with students. Tick repeat session if you want to regularly reuse the session.

Step 6: Early Entry should be no less than 15 mins. Encourage students to get in early, to make sure the Internet, sound and microphone are all working well.

Session settings.

Step 7: Click on Session Settings, to open up further setting options.

Step 8: Tick on allow recording downloads if you want the session to be downloadable later. Good for classroom sessions, but not for 1:1 tutorials, as downloads will be available to everyone enrolled on the NILE site.

Step 9: Tick if you want chat messages to be anonymous. 

Step 10: Only show profile pictures for Moderators' is ticked by default. Only un-tick this if you want to see an image students have added of themselves.

Step 11: Share audio' should be ticked if you want to hear students through their microphone. This is not essential, as students can use the chat window to communicate.

Note: For whole class sessions, advise students to leave their microphones muted until they are asked to say something.

Step 12: Share video. Best for 1:1 tutorials.

Step 13: It is advisable to allow students to 'Post chat messages', to promote engagement and interaction during a virtual class, and a good back up if someone's microphone isn't working.

Step 14: Depending on your type of learners and the session you are running. You may choose to let students write on the whiteboard.

Step 15: Enable session telephony should be ticked so students can phone in if they are having internet difficulties. The phone number is right at the top of the settings panel. 

Step 16: press save.

Finally, for the students to join the session they will need the link.

Press the circle with three dots beside the session you have created and click copy guest link. You can then put this in an announcement or email it students with details and instructions. 

Alternatively, students can access the session by clicking the collaborate link on the left-hand menu, and clicking on the session they want to enter.

For further assistance and guidance in using Blackboard Collaborate, please contact your learning technologist.

* If you are using collaborate for team meetings you should change guest role to Moderator'.



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