Q. Pass/Fail marking within NILE

This provides guidance on marking assignments as pass or fail rather than using the standard full range of letter grades which are supported in the standard undergraduate or postgraduate schema within NILE.

Assignments which are marked as pass/fail may be submitted by students in different formats depending on the brief. They may be submitted through Turnitin submission points, Blackboard submission points or as a video submission. Regardless of the type of format and the manner of submission, all pass/fail assignments should be marked directly within the grade centre and then marks submitted to the student records team as normal.


Step-by-step guide

  1. Setup the assignment submission point following help guidance from NILE as needed
  2. Students will make submissions to the assignment submission point
  3. Setup the Grade Centre column for marking (see section 3 below)
  4. Mark the assignment and release grades to students and records team once moderated.


Setting up the Grade Centre column

The column will have been automatically created for you when you created the assignment, you just need to check the settings.

Note: This stage of the process is important as it ensures that your students will see the correct grades. It also ensures that the grades will not be released to students until you are ready.

Access the Grade Centre by going to ‘Control Panel > Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre’

A new column will have been created in the grade centre for your assignment. Hover over the column title, click the circle (to the right) and from the dropdown menu choose ‘edit column information‘.

Edit column information screenshot

In Column Information

  • Change the Primary Display to Text
  • Leave the ‘Secondary Display’ as ‘None’
  • The Options will normally be set to No by default. If they are not, please set them to no. It is particularly important that Show this Column to Students is set to no, otherwise your students will be able to see their grades as they are entered.
  • Click Submit to save your changes to the column.

Marking the assignment

Within the Grade Centre column for the particular assignment, place the appropriate entry against the name:


The following entries are accepted in the column for Pass/Fail marking:

Pass Indicates overall pass
Fail Indicates overall fail
ZZ The grade is exempted (or suspended) pending the outcome of an academic misconduct investigation.
LG  Late Submission
NG  Nothing of Merit
AG  AMP Outcome (Academic Misconduct Panel)
G  Non Submission


Once the grades have been entered and moderated then they can be exported to the records team for entry into the student record system and also released for students.


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