Q. How do we create a qualitative rubric in Excel and import it into Turnitin to use for marking?


How to create a Turnitin rubric by importing from an Excel spreadsheet (templates attached)


To create an Excel spreadsheet suitable for importing into Turnitin
you might like to use the blank templates attached (which are suitable for marking to Learning Outcomes):

  • Download a copy, save with name of module and assignment e.g.SEN2010-AS2

  • Remove rows if you have less Learning outcomes, Save  

  • As there is a 13-character limit for the criteria title (i.e. row heading) you will have to use short headings e.g. L/O a. Analysis

  • To enter the actual wording of the Learning Outcome on a new line, you will need to insert a line break inside the Excel cell:  double-click the cell - click in the text where you want to insert the line break - press ALT+ENTER, then paste (or type) the text of the learning outcome into the cell

  • (note: there is no need to format, as it will display as plain text in Turnitin)

  • Optional, but advisable: populate the cells i.e. how a learning outcome is met at a grading criteria, Save


To import an Excel spreadsheet to create a Turnitin rubric:

 In the Course panel of your NILE module site (bottom left) click Site Tools
click Site Tools

From the menu that appears, click Turnitin assignments
Screenshot - From Site Tools, click Turnitin assignments

Click the title of the assignment (e.g. AS1)
Screenshot - From the list of Turnitin Assignments, click the one you want

Click the Libraries tab

Screenshot - Click the Libraries tab at the top

Click Rubric/Form Manager
Screenshot - click the Rubric/Form Manager tab at the top

Click the icon (top left)
Screenshot - click the square blue icon, top left

 Create new rubric
Screenshot - click Create new rubric

Click Yes to Confirm that you wish to create a new rubric
 Screenshot - confirm that you wish to create a new rubric

Click the button (over to the right) and choose Import…
Screenshot -  click the square icon top-right, and choose Import

Follow the on-screen guidance, or import a rubric you have already created in Excel (see templates attached):
Screenshot - guidance on creating a rubric in Excel,

When you have an Excel file ready to Import, click Select files - and choose the Excel spreadsheet you have created

Screenshot - Select Excel file to import

Once the Import is complete, click View
Screenshot - Once the Import is complete, click View

Click Yes to Confirm that you wish to switch to this rubric
Screenshot - Confirm that you want to switch to this rubric by clicking Yes

At the following message...
Screenshot - message 'No rubric is selected, please select one from the drop-down above'

...Click the icon again:
Screenshot - click the square blue icon top-left

Then select the imported rubric from the list:

Screenshot - select from your list of rubrics

Click the name and  type in the new rubric name (if different from the imported rubric, for example if you are using a ‘template’ excel rubric to import, possibly to use for other assignments as well

Screenshot - Enter rubric name at the top

Select the rubric to attach by Launching rubric manager, and selecting from the list

Screenshot - Click to launch rubric manager

Screenshot - and finally, click the blue Submit button.

SAVE  - then attach the rubric to an assignment.  




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