Q. How to deploy workbooks into the workspace

How to make the workbooks available to the students


First, the workspace needs to be created. Your learning technologist will do this for you.

Part 1: Setting up the assignment area. (The equivalent of a submission point in NILE).

Create one assignment per workbook.
1. Open the relevant workspace for that cohort.
2. Click Management
3. Choose Assignments
4. Click ‘use multiple assignments’. (It will say Create an assignment if there is something already created)
5. Add a title, which is the same as the workbook name
6. Continue
7. Member initiated submissions
8. Add a title, which is the same as the workbook name (This is for your second assignment. If only making one just enter the same as step 5).
9. Set the assignment to start now*.
10. Maximum number of submissions per user = 1 (very important)
11. Select Restrict submissions to specific Asset types
12. Tick Workbook. And leave all other things unticked.
13. Click SAVE, leaving everything else unchanged.
14. If you only needed one, click the rubbish bin beside the one you don’t need.
15. Click the little orange Cog icon, if you need to make any amendments.


*As soon as students open their workbooks, it will prompt them to “auto-share” (submit their workbook). IF the assignment has not started AND the student follows the process to auto-share; it will NOT submit and they will NOT be given this opportunity to auto-share again.

Part 2: Adding the resources (workbooks and templates).

1. Click ‘Resources from the menu at the top
2. In the general resources panel you will see a folder icon. When you point
the mouse over it, it says ‘add a resource’.
3. To add your workbook click the tab that says ‘My workbooks’.
To add any templates / worksheets, click the tab that says ‘My templates’.
4. Click ‘select item’ next to the resource you want to add.
5. Would you like to prompt the user to auto-submit the workbook when
saved? Select Yes for workbooks and no for templates. (Very Important)
6. Select the correct assignment from the drop-down list.
7. Leaving everything else unchanged, click the tick box to confirm I have
read this information and wish to continue.
8. Repeat for all resources.


Students can now see their resources and submit their workbook.


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