Q. How do I deliver content including video using a platform other than NILE?

How do I deliver content including video using a platform other than NILE?


If you are delivering content in a platform other than NILE, then you can use Xerte to do this, by changing the Xerte Learning Object access to Public and copy and paste the URL provided by Xerte to the platform, eg WordPress.


To embed a video from Kaltura into Xerte 


1.  Select the ‘Share’ option in Kaltura MediaSpace.

2.  Copy the embed code

3.  Log in to Xerte:  https://xerte.northampton.ac.uk/xertetoolkits/

4.  Create a new Xerte Toolkits giving it a relevant title name.

5.  Enter title text on the first page and change the size of the text to size 14.

6. Click on the plus + symbol located on the left of the screen to add a new page.

7.  Find and add a Xerte page type called Navigators > Embed Content Page

8.  Paste the embed code (copied from Kalltura MediaSpace) in to this page.

9. Then add a new page type called 'Media > PDF' and upload the transcript saved as a PDF

10. You can also add a new page type called 'Text > Plain Text', expand the toolbar and click on the link tool to browse, find and link to the transcript Word document.



Note:  A script should be written before recording the video.  That script is read out and recorded to provide the audio voiceover on the video.  That script then becomes the transcript.  The transcript is added to the Xerte.


If the animation or video has no voiceover, but is visual only, perhaps a montage with music or a diagram, then an explanation and information transcript detailing what is being displayed in the video should be provided as a PDF or Word document.

Once you have finalilised the Xerte you may then upload it to NILE:


1.  Export the Xerte as 'Get SCORM 2004 3rd Ed package'

2.  Upload the Xerte SCORM zip file to your site on NILE.


If you wish to display your Public Xerte on a different platform from NILE then:

1.  Select your Xerte in your Xerte account.

2.  Click on 'Properties' (the i icon on the orange toolbar)

3.  Select the Access left menu option

4,  Tick 'Public' and change access

5.  Click on the Project left tab and copy and paste the URL in to the platform, eg WordPress.


Link to the Xerte Community site for support is below:  

Xerte Community site on NILE




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