How do I bulk copy content between NILE Original courses?


It is possible to bulk copy content from one NILE course to another. This feature can be useful when copying the content from a previous year's module to a new one. Think carefully about which content you require and which you do not. It is sometimes easier to create new content in the new NILE course where new dates and updated materials may apply. 

NOTE: You need to be an instructor on both the source course that you are copying items from and the destination course where you want your copied items to appear. Please see the guidance, 'Finding and enrolling yourself onto your NILE courses', for instructions on adding yourself as an instructor to another course.

In the source course that you wish to copy items from, go to Course Management, Packages and Utilities, Course Copy.

The course management menu is listed in alphabetical order

On the course copy page, most users only have one option for the type of copy that can be performed. Ensure that 'Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course' is selected if you have more than one option here.

The pop-up menu only has one option in it for most users.

Enter the course ID that you wish to copy items to in the Destination Course ID text box. Please note that the full course ID is required, e.g. ACC1001-STD-2021. If you do not know the course ID in full, you can use the Browse button to search for it.

The destination course ID is asterisked to denote that it is a required field.

If you have chosen to browse for the course, enter search criteria such as part of the course ID. The results will display in a list. Select your chosen destination course using the radio button. Use the submit button at the bottom of the screen to return to the previous page which will now have the full course ID shown in the Destination Course ID field.

The default search option is course ID and the results are displayed in a table.

NOTE: The following choices are recommendations based on the majority of needs. It is important to avoid copying some items to prevent errors in the destination course. Please adhere to the following recommendations unless you have spoken to a Learning Technologist in person.

Select the materials to copy by ticking the checkboxes. The only content areas usually needed to copy in bulk are the Contacts and Module activities. Assignments created in the Submit your work area will need to be newly created in the destination course.

The Contacts and Module activities options are within a nested list under content areas.

The next section selects the course tool settings for the copy. If you have used the following tools a lot in your previous module and expect to use them again with very little changes, you may wish to copy these across to your new course. This applies to Blogs, Discussion Board, Journals, Rubrics, and Tests, Surveys and Pools. If you think you will create these differently in your new course, you can skip all of these options.

NOTE: The discussion board has two options. Starter posts should only be included in cases where the majority of threads were started by the instructor, otherwise, you will be copying student-initiated threads to the destination course. If you are in doubt, please contact your learning technologist.

The rest of the options are listed in alphabetical order.

The rest of the page can be left, as the default options here are required.

The default option for File attachments is 'Copy links and copies of the content'.

Enrolments must never be copied to the new destination course. This option must remain unticked without exception.

The next two sections headed File attachments and Enrolments can be skipped.

Use the submit button at the bottom of the page to begin the course copy. The process will be queued and you will receive an email notification once completed.

The Submit button is a floating element at the bottom of the page.



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