'You can't set a due date before today's date and time'. How do I change my students' marks to letter grades?


The problem

When setting up a Turnitin assignment on Ultra, it is important to change the settings to display letter grades at the time you create the assignment. The setting cannot be changed once the due date has passed. The link below will show the relevant guidance on how to change this setting. If the due date has not yet passed for some of your Turnitin assignments, then please use the linked guidance to make the change now.

You will be unable to save the settings if the due date has already passed. The following message will be shown: ' You can't set a due date before today's date and time'. LearnTech's recommended workaround to this issue is outlined below.


The workaround

This workaround uses a calculation in the Gradebook which takes the point values of the affected column and converts each value to the corresponding letter grade. This approach avoids changing the due date of the original assignment so that the records of late submissions on NILE are not altered. The calculation column can be shown to students and downloaded for sending to the student records team in the normal way.

Navigate to the Gradebook of the module. To demonstrate the changes easily, these instructions use the grid view so switch to that view now using the grid icon at the top of the Gradebook view.


Hover the mouse next to the column you need to change and click the plus icon. Choose Add Calculation from the menu.


Name the calculation similar to the assignment so that students and other staff can identify it easily (1).

Select the UnderGrad Letter (or PostGrad Letter if you are teaching postgraduate students) as the mark diagram (2).

Click the Total function so that the Total button appears in the box to the right (3).


Select the Total button and tick only the column which you wish to convert to letter grades.


Optionally, make the calculation visible to your students using the dropdown menu in the top right of the screen.

Note: This step should only be done when you are ready to release all grades to students. Otherwise, leave it hidden from students for now. It can be changed later.


Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.


The new calculation will show the corresponding letter grades.


These grades can be downloaded using the normal process in order to send to the student records team. Please see here for guidance on downloading the grades: Sending grades to Student Records - Ultra Workflow 1: Turnitin


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