Q. What are PebblePad assets are resources?


image of Pebblepad homepage where the assets and resources buttons are.


This is where you will find a blank version of your workbook. Collect your workbook from the resources are the very first time. If you have blank reusable templates, collect a blank one from your resources each time. Once it is saved it will be in your assets.

  • Workbooks are single-use
  • Templates are reusable

Single-use means you will only have one version. That's why you only need to collect your workbook from the resources one time.

Reusable means you can use this template as many times as required. Open a blank template from your resources, complete it, save it and this will go to your asset store.


Assets are your personal saved versions of workbooks and templates. Additionally, anything you upload and save in PebblePad is saved to the assets. Assets can be a variety of file types: audio, video, PDFs, word documents, images etc.

All your assets are private. Your workbook can be seen by tutors, because it is set to 'auto-share' or 'submit' when you first open it. Reusable templates are set to attach to the workbook, so they can be seen, but anything else you upload into the assets area can only be seen by you. 

image showing the link to the workbook in the resources. It shows it is a workbook, that it is single use and that it is set to auto-share.


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