Q. How do I add paper versions of experience templates onto my PebblePad EU log?


There are two parts to this process.
1) Make your sheets of paper electronic.
2) Put them on the relevant page of the EU log.

1) Capturing your paper copies.

Option 1: Use the top-feeder on a photocopier to scan all your pages at once. If you use the photocopiers on campus, the file will save to your OneDrive and you will be emailed the link.

Option 2: Take a phone photo.
You can use the PebblePocket app to take the photo and send it to PebblePad, where you will find it in your assets.
Alternatively, use the phone camera, open PebblePad using the internet on your phone and upload the photos there. Again, you will find them in your assets.

2) Tagging them into your EU log.

a) Look the relevant page on the EU Log.
b) Look to see which tag to use. Just above the switch, you will see the words "Tagged with:" followed by the words which are used for the tag.

The image below shows an example of the witness deliveries page, where the tag is "Care of Women (witness)"

c) Exit the workbook by pressing the PebblePad logo, top-left.
d) Go to your assets.
e) Find the asset you want to add the tag to and click on the i information button (located on the right-hand side).
f) Scroll down to the bottom (see image below).
g) Type the tag into the tag area. It will recognise what you are typing, and offer suggestions in a list.
h) Select the tag you need by clicking on it.
i) Press close to close that side panel.

The image below shows the side panel with the area for adding your tag.

Repeat the steps for every asset you need to tag.

Finally, go back into your EU log and ensure the assets are showing in the relevant place.


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  • Answered By Liane Robinson

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