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Please note, it can take up to 24 hours for the scan option to become available after you have logged into a University printer for the first time. Once this time has passed, the ‘Scan’ icon will be available on your account.

Scanning and printing is managed by the University’s IT department. For details on contacting IT or reporting issues visit their webpage.

Scanning and printing is only available to staff and students of the University of Northampton. Please note that there is no printing facility for visitors or Associate Members (including SCONUL).

If you are scanning a document, you have two options for placing the item to be scanned;

  • You can place it face down under the lid of the printer, aligning the item to the back left corner. This is ideal for copying a page or two from a book, or something like a passport.

Image of the scanner, the top of the printer is lifted to reveal the scanner bed.

  • You can place the document into the document feeder on the top of the printer. This is helpful if you are copying multiple pages of a document. Please ensure you have removed any staples before placing the document into the document feeder, otherwise it may damage the documents and jam the document feeder.

Image of the top of the printer, where the document feeder can take in documents.

Log in and click on ‘Scan’ in the printer menu, then click ‘Scan to Email’.

The document will be sent to your student / staff email. This can be accessed by signing into the student hub (or staff hub) and clicking ‘Webmail’. There are also options to set the file name and subject line of the email.

You can click on ‘Settings’ to set various scanning options, such as the file type (jpeg, PDF, etc), how detailed the scan will be (DPI), and whether it scans in colour, greyscale, or black and white.

Image of the scanning options menu, showing the various settings that can be adjusted.

Click on ‘Start’ to begin the scan.