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Printing is managed by the University’s IT department. For details on contacting IT or reporting issues visit their webpage.

Printing is only available to staff and students of the University of Northampton. Please note that there is no printing facility for visitors or Associate Members (including SCONUL).

When photocopying you can click on the ‘Paper Select’ option to ask the printer to copy documents onto paper you are providing in the bypass tray. For example, if you wanted to print onto coloured paper, you can select the bypass tray, and provide the coloured paper in the bypass tray to print.

If you are printing a document from a University device, when you go to the print menu;

  • Select the printer ‘UON-Sharp-FollowMe’.
  • Click ‘Printer Properties’.
  • Select the tab ‘Paper Source’.
  • Under ‘Paper Tray’ select ‘Bypass Tray’.

The Paper Tray menu is open, and showing the 'Bypass Tray' option.

  • If using a different type of paper, select it from the ‘Paper Type’ menu (for example, Heavy Paper for a heavier stock of paper). If you are using a transparency, select the ‘Transparency’ option. Please note it is important you use only high-quality transparency acetate sheets, as low quality sheets can easily melt and can cause permanent damage to the printer.

Once you have set this up as required, press ‘Print’. Head to one of the printers on the campus, then place your paper into the bypass tray as required.

Right-hand side of the printer, bypass tray is open.

If it is a different type of paper (heavier stock / transparency, etc) then select the same option you set when sending it to print. Log in to the printer and print your file like normal.

Remember to remove any unused paper from the bypass tray when you have finished.

You cannot print using the bypass tray if you are using PaperCut to submit your document to print. You will need to log in to a University device (such as a laptop from the laptop cabinets) to print using the bypass tray.