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If your password isn't working on University systems, follow these steps in order. Stop when you reach the step that has solved your password problem or fill in the form at the bottom to report that your problem has not been solved. 

1. Are you trying to log into your Library account? You will need your PIN, not your University password. Please see this guide for information and help

2. Log into the Student Hub. If you can log in, then try to log into the system that you want again. If you can't log in, move to step 3.

3. Now, log into the University User portal Login using your current username (your staff username or student number) and password. If you cannot login, please go to step 5 where you will find instructions on what to do if you have forgotten your password. 

User Portal

4. After you have logged in click on 'Change Password'. Enter your current password, then enter and re-enter a new password. Please pay attention to the minimum password requirements listed on the screen. Click on submit to save your new password.


Change Password 

Now try to login into the University system that you are trying to access, using your new password.

5. If you have forgotten your password, go to the User Portal and click on 'Forgot Password?' 

User Portal > Forgot Password

6. Enter your username (your staff username or student number).

Enter your username

7Enter the correct responses to the questions

Answer the challenge and response questions

8Enter a new password, and click on 'Submit'.

Enter new password

** If you change your password, it will change your password for all University systems**

9. If none of these steps have worked, you will need to contact IT who will help you to reset your account. Please put your request in now using this link and they will contact you. You can also call them on 01604 893333.