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Carry out the following steps to install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your Android phone. We recommend you use the Microsoft Authenticator app and not other authentication apps like Google Authenticator app. The Microsoft Authenticator is tightly integrated with Microsoft products and has additional security features to protect.

Steps to download MFA

1. Load the Play Store

2. Search 'Microsoft Authenticator'

3. Click 'Install'

4. When the app is installed, click 'Open'

5. Click 'I agree' on the welcome screen


6. Click 'Skip' in the top left hand corner to skip the sign in screen


7. The authenticator app is now ready to add the first account.

Setting up MFA for the first time

1. Log into Office 365 or your Microsoft Security Information

2. A 'More information required' screen will be displayed, click 'Next'


3. On the next screen, click 'Next' again


4. Click 'Next' to continue setting up the app

5. When you see this screen, open the authenticator app on your phone


The app icon is a white padlock on a blue background


6. Click 'Add account' in the app

7. Click 'Work or school account'

8. If prompted, click 'Allow' the app access to your camera for QR codes 

9. Take a picture of the QR code on your monitor

10. The app may ask you to allow notifications, click 'Allow'

11. Your account should now show in the app

12. The screen on your laptop or monitor should now say 'Let's try it out'

13. You should then receive notification on your phone of the login, ready for you to click 'Approve'

14. Your laptop or monitor should then show that the notification was approved and you can then click 'Next' or 'Continue'

15. The laptop or monitor screen will then ask you to type in your mobile number, then click 'next'. This allows you the backup option of using a text message to authenticate if you can't use the app

16. You will then receive a text message from Microsoft with a six-digit code, enter this on your laptop. the screen will then show that the code was verified, click 'Next'. This is the last part of the process!

I'm having trouble installing the MFA app

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