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This guide shows you step by step how to create and share a new calendar within Outlook. 


Creating a blank calendar

1. Open Outlook and click on Calendar

2. From the menu bar click Add Calendar and then Create New Blank Calendar

There is a green plus sign to add a calendar. A drop-down will appear, create new blank calendar is fourth on the list

3. Enter the name for your new calendar

4. Click Ok

Sharing a calendar with others

1. Open Outlook and click Calendar to the left of the screen

2. Select Share Calendar from the menu bar

3. Select the Calendar you want to share from the dropdown

4. In the Calendar Permissions dialog box click the Add button

5. Search the user you want to add, then double click on them, and click Ok

6. Tick the box for the relevant permissions you want the user to have

On the permissions tab of calendar properties you can select what permissions you would like to apply to a user by selecting one of the 4 tick boxes

7. Click Apply and then click Ok.


If you have any issues following these steps you can contact IT Services and a member of IT can provide you with support.