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Software Center is an application used by the University to allow staff members to seamlessly download software onto their computer without the need of IT typing in an admin password. On software center you can find all the most common pieces of software that are used by all staff across the University. If you require a more specialist piece of software installing you will need to raise a request for this through the IT self-service portal.


Installing a program with software centre

1. In the search bar of your computer, search for Software Center and open the application

Double left click on software center when it appears from your search to launch the application

2. If you go to the Applications tab of the left side menu you will be able to see all the available software to download

3. To install a piece of software, click on its icon

4. Then click install

Click the blue install button the appears next to the applications icon


You will not see any pop ups as the program installs but just below where you clicked install there will be a status field where it shows the download progress of the application. 

The status field displays the current download progress of the application

Once the program has completed its install it should appear when you try searching for it in the Windows search bar.


If you encounter any problems when trying to install an application or when following these steps, you can contact IT services and a member of IT will help you with the problem.