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Microsoft has now discontinued Internet Explorer therefore QLS now has to be accessed through Microsoft Edge, but you will need to change some compatibility settings in order to access the website without encountering an error. This guide shows you step by step how to access the QLS application within Microsoft Edge.

Steps to open QLS in Microsoft Edge

1. On your device open Microsoft Edge browser 

2. On Edge click the 3 dots at the top right to open the menu and click Settings

3. From the left side menu click on Default browser

Click Default broswer which is the 8th option down on the left side menu

4. Under the Internet Explorer compatibility section click the Add button

5. In the URL box that appears enter the URL for QLS:

In the pop up box that appears enter the URL for QLS

If you already had an entry for the QLS webpage in this section, click the Trash icon to delete it and click the Add button to add the website again.

6. Click the Add button

7. Next click the dropdown that currently shows Default and select Allow

If your dropdown already says 'Allow', you may need to toggle the ‘Allow’ to ‘Default’ and then back to ‘Allow’ in order for the restart button to appear if it is not showing.

8. This will now make a Restart button appear. Click this button and it will restart your Microsoft Edge with the new settings applied.

If your Microsoft Edge does not automatically open itself again search for the application and open it manually.

9. Once your Edge reopens head to the QLS website and you should now be able to login without encountering an error.

I am having issues accessing QLS

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