Q. How can I easily create an engaging video / screen capture with voice over?


Our online video hosting platform Kaltura provides a simple and secure method for recording, storing and streaming videos; it links easily into NILE 

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Once logged in to Kaltura, PC and Mac users can download the 'Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop recorder' application to make offline recordings using their webcam and screen. 

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Above: Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder - For a full guide on how to download the Kaltura CaptureSpace recorder see our FAQ - 'How do I use Mediaspace to make a recording?'. 

Once recorded onto your device, you should rename the file and add a description before uploading to your personal MediaSpace on Kaltura, from where they can be displayed in NILE.

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And can then be shared to any NILE content area using the 'Build Content' > 'Kaltura Media' option. 

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Or by using the 'mashup tool' within the standard text editor. This second option can be used by students in areas such as blogs, journals, and discussion boards. 


Video Recording Tips

  • Pick a quiet location. - background noise can be distracting - if necessary pick a time of day to record when background noise is minimised. 
  • Avoid filming distracting things in background such pets or co-workers chatting, and make sure that you do not have anything within the frame of the video that you would not want in the recording – such as family photos, or passwords on a notice board behind you!
  • Positioning your laptop - when using the onboard camera and microphone, sit at a desk and stretch your arm out in front of you, place your laptop screen approximately at the same distance as your wrist. This will ensure you get your head and shoulders in shot and be positioned close enough to the onboard microphone to record good quality audio.     
  • For better audio quality consider using a separate microphone and placing it no more than 30cm from you. (You can select an external web cam as a separate microphone source) This will also allow you to record a wider shot from your camera but still record good quality audio.  
  • Look at the lighting, natural lighting from a window is most flattering, but if this isn't possible either use a room with overhead lighting or direct a lamp towards you. Low level lighting will cause the image quality to look poor quality.  
  • Compose your shot with you in the centre, or to one side if you have an interesting background you would like to show, don't leave too much room above the head. Consider placing your laptop on books or a box to raise it up to eye level for a better composition.  
  • Screen and camera recordings – use the ‘Presentations and Lectures’ to allow your students to swap between the screen and camera when viewing back the recording, the ‘Screen and Webcam’ option appears as a picture in picture and flattens the video and screen into one file.  
  • Change the recording resolution – either use the ‘Presentations and Lectures’ option or go into ‘Settings’ prior to the recording to change the web cam resolution to 720, your screen recording will then match your screen recording size and fits modern screens   
  • Speak clearly with volume and smile as you speak for the best results.  
  • Don't be too worried about stumbling over words, you may wish to think of the recording as a conversation rather than getting all the words perfect as this will come across as natural and authentic.  It’s ok to have notes, and to pause and refer to them but is best if you are looking at the camera rather than down at them.
  • If you make a mistake that you need to remove, leave a 3 second gap afterwards, and then start again from the beginning of that section - you can then ‘chop’ this out with the Kaltura editor tools.  
  • Impromptu recording - no problem, use an ipad or smart phone, and upload directly into Kaltura through a browser.  
  • Keep it short, a succinct two or three minute video is much better than a 10 minute one as it is more likely to be viewed in full.
  • Remember to add a title and description to your video, before you upload to Kaltura so you can find your video easily when adding to NILE.

Online Guides 

Kaltura: Video tips  
Series of short videos illustrating the points above. 


Instructional Design: Creating Video Training by Garrick Chow

Did you also know?

You can record your screen using the built-in feature in PowerPoint 2016. You can also record your screen using the Xbox app which can be installed on Windows 10

Record Game Clips with the Xbox Game DVR on Windows 10

Record your screen in PowerPoint

For more information on how to create videos with Kaltura please speak to your faculty Learning Technologist.


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