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Printing is managed by the University’s IT department. For details on contacting IT or reporting issues visit their webpage.

Printing is only available to staff and students of the University of Northampton. Please note that there is no printing facility for visitors or Associate Members (including SCONUL).

Documents can be sent to the printer using the online system ‘Papercut’. You will need to login with your University ID (student number or staff username, followed by your password).

On the second floor of the Learning Hub there is a 'quick release' print station PC, located next to the library catalogue. This PC can be used to log in and send a document to print, instead of using PaperCut, if you would prefer to have more print options.


Cost of printing

At the moment, printing is free to students as the system is still being trialed. This means your account will show a debit balance as you print now, but as and when a pay for use service comes on-line all balances will be returned to zero.


A quick overview on printing

To print, first login to Papercut.

The first menu for PaperCut, which will be available after logging in.

Once logged in click ‘Web Print’, then ‘Submit a job’.

Image of the 'Submit a Job' button.

Next you will need to select the format for printing from the listed options;

  • BW or Colour refers to whether you want the document printed in black and white, or in colour.
  • Then choose whether you are submitting an A3 or A4 document.
  • Finally, whether you would like to print ‘simplex’ (single sided) or ‘duplex’ (double sided).

List of the various printer options available from PaperCut.

Once you have made your selection, click to continue.

Choose how many copies you would like to print, then click to continue.

Next you can upload the document you would like to print. The document needs to be saved somewhere on your device to upload it. Once done, click to continue.

Your job will then be queued to print.

Once ready, you can release the document to print it from a University printer by logging in to a printer with your University ID.

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