Answered By: Clearing Team
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From the 5 July 2021, you can apply for a course through Clearing if:

How to apply for Clearing

1. You will need to register with UCAS to make an application. They will send you a welcome email with details of how to access your account, which UCAS call Track.

2. Look through our courses and identify the ones that interest you and check that places are still available.

3. Contact us by telephone on 01604 214 808, or complete an online form to see if we can offer you a place.

4. Provide us with your UCAS ID number, which lets us see your application online.

5. You need to accept our offer in UCAS Track, specifying N38 as the institution and entering the code for the course we have offered.

6. Once you have submitted any qualifications, certificates and forms we need, we will confirm your place and you will receive an official letter from UCAS.