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Your overall module grade will consider all the items of assessment within that module. The items of assessment within each of your modules, and their % weightings, are published in each module guide. The % weighting of an assessment gives an indication as to its significance, and below are two examples of assessment patterns:

Example 1 - 2 hour exam (50%) and 2,000 word essay (50%)

Example 2 - Portfolio (100%)

Looking at example 1, it is possible that as you need to get a D- overall, if a fail grade is achieved in one item, you may still be able to pass the module overall provided you achieve a good pass grade on the other item.  However, if the fail grade is on a big piece of work, for example, a 70% assessed piece of work, then an overall pass grade might be quite difficult to achieve.  

You can find a really helpful calculation guide in Appendix II of the Student Handbook.

Please note that some programmes do have Supplementary Regulations which means that students must pass all items of assessments and modules cannot be passed on aggregate.

If you have any questions about what your grades mean, please contact the Student Support and Advice Team at or call on 01604 892600.

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