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The University has members of staff called Sexual Violence Liaison Officers (SVLOs), who have received specialist training and can provide sensitive, professional support to students who have experienced sexual assault and sexual violence. This service is available to students whether or not they have reported what has happened to them to the police or University.

SVLOs work within a strict set of boundaries and a code of confidentiality. They are not counsellors or legal advisers but they can help you access appropriate support to meet your individual needs. An SVLO can listen and discuss the options available to you through external services and within the university. Your appointed SVLO can also liaise with these external services and university staff where required and will provide ongoing 'wrap around' care and support.

Procedures are in place to manage any risk to yourself or other members of the University community.

You can access our support regardless of whether the sexual violence happened on or off-campus, or if you were subjected to sexual violence before you came to Northampton. With your consent, we can help you with:

  • Navigating systems and resources within the university and the community
  • Understanding the reporting options available to you
  • Referrals to external specialist services such as the local Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) – making an appointment on your behalf, helping with the cost of transport and going with you if you would like additional support
  • Referrals to specialist counselling support
  • Information about university policies, procedures, and managing the impact on your studies
  • Accommodation and Financial needs.

People react and deal with sexual violence in many ways. Any way you choose to proceed will be fully respected. Our team will support you on whatever path works best for you. Our team understand the importance of confidentiality, and we will respect any decisions that you make.

You can find more information about help and support.

The SVLO team are part of the Student Support & Advice team and are accessible during office hours (9am-5pm) Monday-Friday and can be contacted via email at

You can also choose to formally report to the Police or local a local Sexual Assault Reporting Centre (SARC) such as Serenity, for the incident to be investigated as a criminal offence. There is more information available about how to do this.

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