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We have put together a series of videos and information to help you with your exams and any other types of assessments, including presentations and skills labs. We have broken down the videos and information into sections to make it easy for you to dip in and out of the content and to support you at whatever stage you are at with exams. There is information, suggestions and strategies to help you cope with exams at different stages:

Before: There is still plenty of time before my exams to start.

  • We have included an in-depth look into what happens in our physiology when confronted with what can often be stressful situations, like exams  
  • How to calm arousal levels
  • Practical tips
  • Different thinking strategies
  • Different ways of managing emotions
  • Guided examples of each technique suggested to practice.

During: My exam is today, is it too late to do anything?

  • We have included some really short examples of some techniques that you can use during exam periods  
  • Guided examples of each technique suggested to practice
  • We have also included some practical guidance of what you can and cannot take into exams, with UON guidance.

After: I've just finished my exam, now what?

  • We have included some information about what might be immediately helpful after exams. 


  • We have included links to support within the University
  • External resources and information
  • Further reading, from the information presented throughout the #Exam Struggles resource

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