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Sessions on your timetable will show the following information:

Session Code – This will begin with the code for the module to which the session belongs. This can be followed by a letter to describe the type of activity (L for lecture, S for seminar, P for practical, W for workshop, V for virtual) and a number if the session is run with more than one group of students.

For example:    Session Code ABC1002S/03 would be module ABC1002, seminar group 3

Academic Weeks – The string of numbers indicates the Academic Weeks in which the session takes place.

For example:    ‘1-11, 14-15’ would be weeks 1 to 11 plus weeks 14 to 15.

Location Code – The location has a two-letter prefix to identify the building and then the room number. Please note that locations at Waterside often only have the room number on the door.

For example:    SN201 would be room 201 in the Senate Building.

Key to Building Prefixes

CH - Creative Hub

DH - Development Hub

LC - Institute for Creative Leather Technologies

LH - Learning Hub

SN - Senate Building

SZ - Sports Zone

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