Q. How do I build a PebblePad workbook?

​Steps to help get you started with building a PebblePad workbook.


The following steps will take you through how to build a PebblePad workbook from scratch.

Log into Northampton PebblePad. www.pebblepad.co.uk/northampton

Burger menu top left, get creative appears half way down

  • Click the ‘Burger Menu’ button (three horizontal lines, top-left).
  • Click on 'Get creative'.
  • Click on ‘Create a workbook’.
  • New Template Page
  • A beach image is in the shown at the top. Click ‘replace image’.
  • Click on any of the banner images shown on the right. Or upload your own non-copyrighted image.
  • Press 'close'.
  • Click Save (top-left).
  • Enter a title for your template.
  • Confirm.
  • Click 'Properties' (top-right) and take a look at the Banner Block Properties options listed in the side panel. Make a few changes until you're happy with how it looks.
  • Add text to your banner, as needed.
  • Press the ‘Add Content’ button at the top. 
  • Have a look at the various Building blocks and click the one you want to use. Continue with as many as you would like on that front page.
  • With your block selected, click ‘Properties’.
  • Work from the top looking at the different options for your block.
  • Click the next tab in that side panel is 'template'. Check the options here, but you shouldn't need to change anything at this stage.
  • Click on the 'workbook' tab to view the options and familiarise yourself with them. Leave as single use only.

To add another page.

  • Press the Plus symbol furthest to the right.
  • Choose 'New template page'
  • Press the small cog icon, type a new name for the page and click confirm.
  • Continue adding pages which go along the top.

Add pages that drop down. 'Nested Workbook' pages.

  • Click the plus symbol on the page you want to add pages to.
  • Click 'Convert to workbook'.
  • Press the little cog icon on the left.
  • Type in a name for your first page. This is the heading that will show at the top. 
  • Confirm.
  • Press the down arrow, on the right.
  • Add a new item
  • New template page.
  • Change the banner image.
  • Add two building-blocks and make one an assessor field.
  • You now have two worksheets inside the introduction. Rename these worksheets to ‘week one’ and ‘week two’ respectively.

For additional support or for more complex requirements, please contact your Learning Technologist.


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