Q. PebblePad Workbooks - How do I ensure that work is properly saved?


Important PebblePad information for students and mentors (including practice assessors and practice supervisors).

This information applies to all PebblePad users who use Workbooks that contain assessor fields, particularly students and mentors (e.g., practice assessors and practice supervisors).

For students, assessor fields in Workbooks are marked as so:

Assessor Field

If you are accessing a Workbook as a mentor, an assessor field will be marked as so:

Assessor Field - Mentor View

In PebblePad, it is possible for both student and mentor to have the same Workbook open at the same time. If this happens you will experience problems, and it is highly likely that some or all of the information entered into the Workbook will be lost!

In order to minimise the chances of this happening, please ensure that you do the following at all times.

Advice for Students

1. Never have your Workbook open unless you are actively working on it. When you have finished adding information to your Workbook, ensure that you save the Workbook and fully exit it by returning to the Asset Store. When you have finished working in PebblePad, make sure that you log out.

2. When you are meeting with your placement mentor and they are updating information in the assessor field(s) of your Workbook, make sure that you are fully logged out of PebblePad before your mentor accesses your Workbook.

Save Workbook
- Save the Workbook

Save successful
- Wait until you see the 'Save successful' message

Return to Asset Store
- Exit the Workbook by returning to the Asset Store

- Log out of PebblePad

Advice for Mentors, including Practice Assessors and Practice Supervisors

1. When you are meeting with your mentee, check with them that they have logged out of PebblePad before you login and access their Workbook.

2. The information that you enter into the Workbook is not automatically saved. You must save it, using the Save button at the bottom left-hand side of the page. You must do this for each page that you work on. If you do not click on the Save button, the information you have entered on the page will be lost.

3. When you have finished adding information to the Workbook and have saved the information on the page(s), exit the Workbook and logout of PebblePad using the logout button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Save Assessor Feedback
- Save the assessor field feedback

Mentor Logout
- Log out of PebblePad


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