Q. How do attendees switch breakout groups in the virtual classroom?

My session moderator said I can switch groups myself when we are put into breakout groups in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. What are the steps to do this?


It is possible to switch between breakout groups in Collaborate Ultra if your session moderator has allowed this. The steps to do so are detailed below. You will need to know your group number before the breakout groups start, as given by the moderator or arranged between yourselves.


When the moderator begins breakout groups, you will see which group you are being moved to.

It can take up to ten seconds for the breakout groups to load

When you have been connected to the group, you can view the details by opening the Collaborate Panel with the pull-out tab in the bottom right of the screen.

The link is labelled 'Open Collaborate Panel'

Select the Participants view at the bottom of the Collaborate Panel. The group you are currently in is displayed at the top of the panel. Your fellow attendees are listed and split under numbered group headings. 

Each group name is a heading

If you are not already in the group you need, scroll through the panel to find your group number. Select the entry icon next to the group heading. If you are already in the group you need, please wait a few moments for others to move around as necessary.

The link is labelled Joing Group and the number of the group

You will see the details of your move when entering a new group. It may take a few seconds to complete the move.

The moving message will display the text: Your audio and video aren't connected to the group yet. Please wait to speak until you are connected.

Once you are in the correct group, use the audio and video controls as normal to join in the discussion.

The usual icons represent microphone and webcam.




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