How do I copy content from an Original course to an Ultra course on NILE?


LearnTech has always recommended that Ultra courses are recreated fresh by re-uploading accompanying documents and creating new in-browser content to ensure that your modules appear as intended. This is because of the differences between Original and Ultra course layout and design. For example, it may be that your full folder structure is not copied over. Ultra courses hold a maximum of two folder levels, whereas Original could have many. This can result in items being flattened out, producing an overly long main content page on an Ultra course. Copying in bulk from Original courses to Ultra courses can also cause known issues if the grade centre is copied. Assignments should always be created fresh in Ultra courses to avoid problems and ensure the correct dates are applied.

However, with recent upgrades to the system it is now possible to copy Original course contents from within an Ultra course. Doing so allows a more selective copy process which produces better results and avoids issues if the method below is adhered to step-by-step. Please contact your Learning Technologist if you are unsure about any part of this process and they will be happy to run through this with you.


In the destination Ultra course, content can be copied to the main Course Content area by choosing the ellipsis at that top of the page:


...or by selecting the copy option from within a content area, such as the About this module section:


Search for and click the course ID or title of the source course.

NOTE: It is important to click into the course ID in this step. Do not tick the box next to the course ID as this will copy extra content which may cause problems in your new Ultra course.


Next, tick the boxes next to the content items you wish to copy.

NOTE: Do not copy the Submit your work area. Assignments should be created fresh in the Ultra course.
It is possible to select entire folders:


...or click into folders and select individual items from within them; doing so may save time with re-ordering content in the long run.

Optionally, review the selected items. Press the ‘Copy selected content’ button to confirm your choices and perform the copy.




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