How do I connect Kaltura Capture to MyMedia?


Important notice for all students and staff using the Kaltura Capture recorder
• All students and staff who use the Kaltura Capture recorder must sign out of the recorder immediately and connect it to the new Kaltura location at before making any new recordings.
Do not make any recordings using Kaltura Capture unless you are sure that you are connected to, as any recordings made while signed in to the old version of the Kaltura Capture recorder will no longer be able to be uploaded to NILE.
• Please follow our guide below to connect to the new Kaltura Capture recorder.

  1. How to link the Kaltura Capture recorder to
  2. How to get help if your video fails to upload.
  3. How to bookmark


How to link Kaltura Capture to mymedia.


Launch the Capture recorder and select the Manage link.

Select the Information icon.

Check Kaltura Capture is correctly linked to your University of Northampton username.

Check Kaltura Capture is correctly linked to

If Capture is not correctly linked to your username or the correct MediaSpace webpage select Sign Out.

Log in to and select Kaltura Capture from the Add New menu.

Once Kaltura Capture has launched, select the Manage link in the recorder and follow the previous steps again.

Select the Information icon.

Kaltura Capture should now be correctly linked to your username and


How to bookmark mymedia.


Finally, you should Bookmark the new webpage for quick access in future.

How to get help if your videos fail to upload.


Make sure you have followed these steps to sign out of Kaltura and relaunch it from the Add New menu on

If your video fails to upload and becomes stuck at 10%, you will need to contact our team for on-campus or online support to help fix the recording.

If our team is not available and you have a deadline, you can also relaunch Capture and make a new recording, depending on the length and complexity of your recording. 




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