Issues with NELSON and database access

There is currently a known issue with Open Athens, which allows you to log in and access NELSON and databases. We are working hard to resolve this and we apologise for any problems this causes you. 

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The Learning Development team provide online or in person drop-in sessions that can be used if you wanted to chat with someone about your studies for 10 minutes. The sessions are available for both Academic Skills or maths and stats. If you would like more time, then you can book a tutorial where you will have more time to discuss your work.

When do the drop-ins happen?

The drop-ins usually happen daily and you can check the times for the Academic Skills and Maths and Stats drop-ins. The online and face-to-face drop-ins happen at the same time.

In person drop-in sessions

These are on the Waterside Campus, in the Learning Hub. Go to the second floor and turn right from the lifts, or find the Library Help Desk and turn left until you find the blue sofas of the drop-in area.


Online drop-in sessions

During the drop-in time, you can connect to the online collaborate room for the session. If it seems like there is no one in the room when you arrive, the Learning Development tutor may be in a Collaborate group with another student. They will have seen you join the main room and will get to you as soon as they can so please wait a moment there.

We recommend that you test your connection in advance so as not to lose time and to feel more confident too. We have a test room ready for you to try out your sound and video at any time.

Important Notes;

  • To access the drop-in you should use a laptop or desktop computer that has a Chrome or Firefox browser installed. You should use Chrome if at all possible
  • You will need a good, reliable Internet connection
  • You will need speakers or preferably headphones to hear others and you will need a microphone to be heard yourself. It is also possible to use a webcam if you have one connected
  • Your instructor controls whether you can use your microphone and camera, but you should usually be able to raise your hand (hand icon) or post a chat message (speech bubble icon)
  • If you have a problem with sound or video, leaving and re-joining the session usually fixes a lot of issues. If you still have a problem please try these links:  Windows | Mac | Chromebook
  • If you would like some further guidance please watch this introductory video to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

There is online guidance available for Collaborate users.