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  • If you need to return items to us and are unable to hold on to them during this lockdown then please email for advice. Please do not come on to campus just to return items during the current restrictions
  • Please do not stress about your library account or loans. If you need anything at all please just get in touch at We are a friendly and helpful bunch  😊😊😊

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Bookmarking a webpage means that you have a link directly to a chosen webpage ready to use. It is a really useful habit, as it will help you to collect a list of websites that you use often. You can click these bookmarks to quickly and easily go to your most frequently used web pages.

This external guide provides a quick overview on bookmarking web pages for most web browsers. Experiment with bookmarking pages. You can remove or rename the bookmarks later, so don't worry about making a mistake. As you use different webpages frequently you will begin to get a better idea of which ones are the most important. You can rearrange your bookmarks, you can even create folders to store your bookmarks in categories, do this however it makes sense for you!

Below are a few websites that we'd recommend you bookmark so you can get to them easily.