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As a trial, Staff Development are hosting some training sessions in a new system. We would like it to be easier for staff to navigate, book on to and attend training. This is a short guide for finding the training you need and want in the new system.

There a few ways you can find the training you need, or that interests you. On the homepage you can search by the drop-down menus, use the search box or use the category buttons

Homepage has 'all staff', 'new staff', academic staff', and research staff' as drop-downs. Next is a text search box.

The training is split into categories, to make it easier to find:

  • New Staff Induction
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Management Skills
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Learning Technology
  • IT Skills
  • Workplace Skills and Wellbeing
  • Research Development
  • Health and Safety
  • And browse through the training.

Below the buttons is a calendar that you can browse, or use the drop-downs to navigate:

Navigate calendar by date on the left, and categories and audience on the right

You can hover the title for more information, or click to open full information and the booking form

Hovering will show the date, time, location and some brief details of the training

You can also browse through all the training offered, and filter by date, category, audience or event location on the left. There is also a search box. You can use the menu at the top to change the way the training is listed.

Search and filters to the left, training details and links to the right