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What is referencing?

Referencing is a way of acknowledging other peoples’ ideas and work. You do this through a citation (in the text of your work) and a reference at the end of your work.  

References to other people’s ideas and work are an important part of academic writing as they: 

  • provide support for arguments and claims that you make 
  • show evidence of the breadth and depth of your reading. 

What style should I be using?

Referencing has different styles, these are the rules about how you format your referencing and citations. Different styles have different rules so it is important that you know the style you should be using. Your tutor will explain to you which style to use and, if you are not sure, contact your tutor.

I know the style I am using, where can I find more information?

The library provides information about the different styles and formatting:

I have a question or I'd like to speak to someone about referencing

The library teams are happy to help you with referencing. If you have a quick question that you think could be answered in 10 minutes, the Learning Development team have an online and in person drop-in every day. If you would like more time then book a tutorial with the Learning Development team or the Academic Librarians, both teams can give advice on referencing.