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This is a guide will show you the steps to follow in order to change the automatic response messages on shared mailboxes.


1. Log into Outlook mail online

2. Once you have opened Outlook, you will need to click on your initials in the top right of the page and click on Open another Mailbox

3. Next enter the name of the shared mailbox and click on Open

Enter the shared email address and click open

4. After you have clicked on Open another tab within your internet browser will open. Make sure you on the correct tab, the shared mailbox tab

5. Next you will need to click on the Settings Icon in the top right-hand corner

The settings icon is the third icon from the right of your profile picture which can be found at the top right of outlook webmail. Click on this to open settings.

6. Then click on ‘View All Outlook Settings’.

7. When in settings click on Email and then Automatic replies

8. You will now see the options to set an automatic reply on the mailbox. Once you have created an automatic reply click Save to apply it to the mailbox.


If you have any issues following these steps you can contact IT Services and a member of IT can provide you with support.