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Last Updated: Jul 18, 2022     Views: 5

Sometimes when you launch an Office 365 application like Microsoft Word you may encounter an error saying that you have an Unlicensed Product.

The unlicensed product error displays as a red error bar when opening any office 365 product


These steps can be used to help license your unlicensed product.

1. Open any Office application and click File at the top left

2. Click on Account at the bottom left (If you are on Outlook this option will be called Office Account)

The account button is located on the left side options menu and is the third option from the bottom

3. If the Office product thinks you are signed in, you will need to select Sign out

4. Once signed out click on Sign in and make sure you sign in using your University email address and password

The Sign In button is located under the Account section below the Sign in to Office heading

5. When you are signed back in, restart the Office application and you will no longer receive the unlicensed product error.


If you have any issues following these steps you can contact IT Services and a member of IT can provide you with support.