You may not be on campus but we are still here to help:

  • Your books have been renewed automatically until 30th September, so there is no need to worry about anything being overdue, or recalled.
  • click and collect service for books is operating. There is a web form to complete that gives details of how to request and collect items
  • Please hold on to any books you currently have on loan, if you need to return them you can either post them to us or drop them into the Visitor Centre next to McColls. Staff will remove them from your account next time they are on campus.
  • Please do speak to us if you need any help or advice, you can email us at 
  • E-Books and e-journals – and remember, around 80% of our resources are available online as e-books, e-journals or online videos, so check on NELSON to see what we hold electronically.   
  • Please do not stress about your library account or items. If you need any books or articles, please just get in touch. We are a friendly and helpful bunch, and are available online if you need us!! 😊😊😊

Answered By: Library Systems
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If there are no problems with the databases it may be that your web browser is remembering previous logins and trying to connect with outdated settings. Simply clear your browser's internet cache and cookies and, to ensure that you are starting from a clean sheet, close the browser down and restart it.

Examples for different browsers (please note different versions of a browser may have slightly different screens but the principles remain the same): 

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer "Delete browsing history" dialogue bopx showing the "Temporary Internet Files" and "Cookies" options checked for deletion and the "Preserve Favourites website data" checked.

You may want to keep personalisations and saved passwords so select the bare minimum, Temporary Internet Files and Cookies with the option , if available, to Preserve Favourites website data also selected.



Firefox "Clear All History" dialogue with the Cookies and Cache options selected to be deleted.

You may want to keep personalisations and saved passwords so select the bare minimum, Cookies and Cache.


Chrome "Clear browsing data" dialogue, with the "Deleted cookies and other site and plu-in data" and "Empty the cache" options selected.

You may want to keep personalisations and saved passwords so select the bare minimum, Delete Cookies and other site and plug-in data and Empty the cache. 

Further information on clearing your browser  cookies can be found here.