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Answered By: Library Help
Last Updated: Aug 27, 2020     Views: 1

Rooms on Waterside campus are usually made up of two letters, followed by three numbers. For example, LH404. The two letters are the building where the room is located;

  • CH = Creative Hub (Waterside campus)
  • IC = Innovation Centre (off campus)
  • LH = Learning Hub (Waterside campus)
  • SN = Senate building (Waterside campus)
  • SZ = Sport Zone (Waterside campus)
  • WH = Walgrave building (Avenue campus)

The three numbers provide the floor of the building and the room number; the first number is the floor (0 is on the ground floor, 1 on the first floor, and so on), the final two numbers are the room number on that floor (counting clockwise from the lifts). So, in the example of LH404, this room is in the Learning Hub, on the fourth floor, and it is the fourth room on that floor if you counted rooms starting next to the lifts. Fortunately, the rooms are all clearly labelled and signposted, so you don't actually need to count them (phew!), but it does give you a good idea where it might be located when you are looking for it.

The buildings all have clear signage pointing to the rooms on each floor, so this will help you find rooms. If you are ever unsure, ask a member of University staff (or a fellow student), we're all in this together and people will be happy to help you find the room you're looking for.

Have a look at the Timetable pages on the Student Hub for more information about the various rooms on and off campus.