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NELSON is Northampton Electronic Library Search ONline. Problems with NELSON are rare and often something else is causing the issue. This is a guide to help you problem solve what might be happening.

If there is a problem with NELSON itself, always check at the LLS homepage first. We always put up a notice when we know there is an issue.

Partnerships students

If you are a partnership student, within the UK or in another part of the world, and you are having any problems at all, contact and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. There is advice for you about e-resources. Don’t follow any further steps, please just email us straight away.

I’m using an Apple device 

If you are using an Apple Inc. product, like an iPhone, iPad or MacBook, there is a known issue with the last product update that could be interrupting your access to NELSON. If you are having access problems and you are using one of these devices, please email us at and we will give you more specific advice. 

I am an on campus or remote UoN student, not using an Apple device

If you’re an on campus or remote UoN student and you are not using an Apple product and you are still unable to log in to NELSON there are a few steps you can follow to help pinpoint the issue. The first step is to check if you have set up your University login

If you have already set your account up, then please follow the steps below, continue through each of the steps but if you encounter a problem during these steps then please send us a screenshot and details to let us know where you got to, you can email us at 

As a quick note, please log in to these sites directly instead of via your NILE module links, or any other service at this point. Use a computer or laptop rather than a mobile phone or pad, and if possible use Chrome as your browser. 

Step one

Make sure you are using the right button to log into NELSON 

The log in button for NELSON in the top right, next to the menu

When you are logged in, the login button will change and it will show your student number, or staff code. You will know then that you are logged in. If this doesn’t work, move to step two. 

Step two

The next step is to clear your cache and cookies completely, as something may be causing a conflict. Web browsers often record little bits of information (cookies) to save time later and to help remember passwords, but sometimes they can get in the way. If you are unsure how to clear your cache and cookies you can find instructions for doing this for your web browser through our guide. This sounds like a simple step but can often resolve the issues you are having. 

Step three

Visit the University user portal and try to login. If you cannot login at this point then you will need to reset your password, there is a forgotten password link on the page to allow you to do that, it will ask you your security questions and then you can reset your password. 

Step four

Once you can log in to your account on the University user portal then the next thing to do is open up a new tab and go to the University home page and click on the Student Hub link on the top right of the screen. You will need to use your University login at this point again. Please do not use any saved bookmarks to go straight to the Student Hub, go to the University home page and go from there. If this works, we can be assured that your password is okay. Keep the Student Hub open as you will be using it again shortly. 

Step five

Once you have cleared the cache and cookies return to the Student Hub and click on the blue 'Library' tile, this will take you to the library home page. Click on NELSON (orange box) and then in the top right click 'log in to NELSON' and use your University login. 

If you cannot login at this point please let us know at with details and screenshots of the error you are having.

I'm still having trouble with NELSON

We have a more detailed guide available to help you log into NELSON. At any point, you can also email us and we will be happy to help you! Attaching screenshots can help us to find out what the problem is quickly.