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Favourites is a way of storing ebooks and journal articles that you want to come back to at another time. You can favourite ebooks and journal articles in NELSON. It also saves your search history (the words you type into the search bar at the top), and you can also save searches that you do a lot. 

Logging in to NELSON

Before you start to save your ebooks, ejournals and searches, you must be logged in to NELSON, we have a guide available if you’re not sure how to do this.  

Saving useful search terms 

When you have a really useful search that has lots of useful resources, you might want to save the whole results list. To save the search, use the ‘Save query’ pin and it will save the search and its results.  

Pin icon and save query, below the search bar

Saving useful books and journals 

When you are searching for resources for your assignments, it is sometimes easiest to type in your search words and quickly go through the first page of result, just ‘pinning’ the books and journals you think are going to be helpful. This means that you can come back later and decide if you want to read them and if they are useful.  

To do this, use the pin icon in the top right of the entry. The icon will then show a pin with a cross through it. If you want to unpin it, click the icon again  

Icons on the top right of the entry, chose the pin icon

Finding my saved resources

To get back to your saved books, journals and searches click on the pin icon, to the left of your name or student number in the top right corner of NELSON 

Use the pin icon to find your favourites

This will open a new screen where you can access your saved records, searches and history. 

Three tabs, saved records, saved searches and search history