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Blank Risk Assessment

We have a blank Risk Assessment form, for assessing risks not listed below

Event Risk Assessments

Any events should be discussed and arranged via the Events team where a full Risk Assessment will be required. The SHE team will be consulted as a matter of process

There is a specific form for Event Risk Assessments

Travel Risk Assessments

All international travel must be risk assessed in accordance with the University’s travel booking process using the Travel Plan and Generic Risk Assessment template.

There is a specific form for Travel Risk Assessments

Research Activities Risk Assessments

Any Research proposal must be subject to a Risk Assessment of the planned activity and should form an integral part of the approvals process ahead of the commencement of the research activity.

Children and Young Persons Risk Assessments

Where children or young persons are expected to spend time in the workplace for work experience or other purposes, a Risk Assessment identifying the tasks they will undertake and the controls including supervisory arrangements in place must be completed by the hosting department.

There is a specific form for Children and Young Persons Risk Assessments

New and Expectant Mothers Risk Assessments

If a member of staff reports that they are pregnant a Risk Assessment of that individual’s specific circumstances must be undertaken. This should be reviewed each trimester and when new mother returns to work, within six months or if still breastfeeding.

There is a specific form for New or Expectant Mothers' Risk Assessments

Manual Handling Risk Assessments

An assessment is required where the operation involves a significant risk of injury, cannot be avoided, mechanised or automated at a reasonable cost.

There is a specific form for Manual Handling Risk Assessments

Young Persons (Work Placement) Risk Assessment

There may be occasions where children / young persons engage in work experience activities at the University which may involve access to higher risk areas. In these situations, the Manager or other responsible person of the Faculty / Department where the work experience will be based, must complete a specific Risk Assessment for the work experience activity prior to the work experience starting.

There is a specific form for Children and Young Persons Risk Assessments

Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

COSHH is a set of regulations put in place to protect workers from ill health when working with specific substances and materials.

Managers must conduct a COSHH assessment to:

  • identify the hazardous substances present in the areas of work for which they are responsible;
  • consider the risks these substances present to staff, Students and other appropriate persons health.

There is also information available on the Health and Safety Executive Website 

Pregnant Student Risk Assessment

Should a student self-declare as pregnant, the following Guidance Document and Risk Assessment form are available for academic staff use to ensure the student continues to receive a positive learning experience whilst prioritising their health and safety.

There is a specific form for Pregnant Student Risk Assessments

There are also guidance notes for completing the assessment

What do I do with my completed form?

You will need to logged in to access the forms. Save a copy of the form and complete the information and save to your device. You can then either upload it to our our online question form or email it to us at

Who can I talk to about Risk Assessment?

The Safety Team can assist, guide and support you in completing your Risk Assessment. You can contact the team through our online question form or email us at

The Health and Safety team are continually reviewing and refining the Risk Assessment formats used for specialist Risk Assessments, and links to these formats will be progressively added to this site as they are approved for use.

The University also uses consultancy support to assist in the assessment of certain risks which may require specialist competencies and expertise. Where practical the University's Risk Assessment formats will be used, although in certain cases the University will adopt the format used by the consultancy.