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We send invoices for the replacement cost of resources when they have become 4 weeks overdue.  We understand that due to the demands of your studies, and life outside of university, your resources may have become overdue simply because you forgot to renew them.

The best thing to do is to return the resources at your earliest convenience, and as long as your loans are returned within 7 weeks of their due date, we will waive the invoice charges.  You can drop the resources off at the Returns machine on the Ground Floor of the Learning Hub.  If the items are not returned within 7 weeks you will be liable to for their replacement cost.  This is because we will have had to purchase a replacement copy and will no long be able to accept any original loans back. 

We try to manage all the resources that are available for loan in the library as fairly as possible.  In order to achieve this we have various processes in place to alert students when resources have become overdue. 

To help you to manage your account we email reminders two days before resources are due for return. This is then followed by 5 overdue notifications after 24 hours, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks.

48 hours before due date

You will receive a courtesy notice to remind you that your item is nearing its due date. It includes details of how to renew your item if no-one else has requested it.

24hrs after due date

You will receive a notice to inform you that your item is now overdue and reminding you to either return the item or renew it if you are able.

7 days after due date

You will receive a notice informing you that your item is overdue, that renewal is no longer an option as others may be waiting to use the item.

14 days overdue

You will receive a notice reminding you to return the item and that it is 2 weeks overdue.

21 days overdue

You will receive your final reminder notice asking you to return the item to avoid being billed for a replacement copy of the item.

28 days overdue

You will receive a bill for £40 to cover the cost of replacing the item. You will have 21 days to pay the bill, or return the item to have the bill cancelled.

50 days overdue

If you have not paid your bill or returned the overdue item, the bill will be transferred to Finance, you will no longer have the option to return the item as a replacement copy will already have been purchased.

All of these notifications go to your University registered email address and explain what the current situation is regarding your resources, what you should do and, how we can help you.

If you have not received these notifications please let us know and we can get it all sorted out for you. 

Please be assured we are here to help you and if you are having problems returning any of your resources please feel free to contact us.

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