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The borrowing period/return dates of loanable items can be identified through the following:

If your item is an Inter-Library Loan this will have been issued with its own return date.

We use the following coloured labels:

*In certain circumstances a 4 Week Loan will only issue for 7 days.  This happens if you are collecting a reserved copy of the book, but a request has been made by another borrower for the same title.  You will normally be alerted to this with an orange insert in the book when you come to collect it (see example below).

There are large numbers of students who are trying to access stock to complete their assignments and often a limited number of items available for those students to share. We have a reservations system in place to allow students to plan their access to resources, and to ensure they can get hold of items they need to complete their assignments.

We ask that when you borrow an item from stock that you are sure you are able to return it by the due date you are given at the time of borrowing.  Please do not rely on being able to renew the item as it may have holds placed on it by another borrower before you try to renew it.

If you are not sure you will be able to return an item by its due date then please consider either scanning/photocopying the areas you may need, or check if there are e-books that might be available. If another student requests the item you have on loan from stock and it is not returned on time then they are being inconvenienced and you will be charged for its late return at £1.00 per day.