Answered By: Academic Liaison
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There are a few different ways to find books in our library. Here are specific ways to find books or eBooks from NELSON.


A. How do I find I find a print book on the shelf using NELSON?

You can search for physical book items in NELSON. Type in the title of the book you would like and click to search ‘Print and Physical Resources’. Your results will then only be physical items from the library.

Click on the book you would like and then click ‘Available at’ where the library catalogue will open.

On this page there will be details about the book. Underneath the book’s title will be information about the location of the book, the shelfmark, barcode, the status of the book (whether it is available or out on loan) and the type of loan the book is.


The shelfmark will tell you where the book can be located in the library. We use the Dewey Decimal System (DDS) here, so books are categorised by their relevant DDS shelfmark. Note down the whole shelfmark, including the letter suffix at the end.

These are the following floors for each shelf mark in the Learning Hub:

LH2 001-399
LH3 400-649
LH4 650-999

Within the Learning Hub there are book shelves, where the shelfmark for that individual shelf is at the end of the shelves on the side, allowing you to narrow down where you book is. Once you have found the shelf that your book is on, you can then look at the shelfmark on the side of each book and either go ascending or descending to find your number. Once you have found the exact number, you may then have to find the letters of the author. In the example above, after you have found 823.8 you would then go alphabetically until you find the 823.8 with BRO at the end. This should then be the book you have been looking for.

We have a video tutorial that provides an Introduction to NELSON available here.


B. How do I find an e-book using NELSON?

Firstly, make sure you are logged in to NELSON in the top right hand corner of the page. Then type in your search term. When you have your page of results, filter your results on the right hand side by selecting ‘E-resource’.

Your results list will then show all available eBooks. Click on your chosen result and then click ‘Online access’.

Different databases and publishers will have different ways of logging in or presenting eBooks. You may have to log in again, after which you will be taken to a webpage where you can access the eBook.

In this example, you can see which chapters we have access to and view each chapter by clicking on PDF or Other formats.