Answered By: Library Help
Last Updated: Nov 26, 2018     Views: 153

Your library account will always provide you with the most up-to-date information about the status of your loans.  When your library resources are nearing their return date we will send you an email 48 hours before their due date to remind you to check your account.  If you require your resources for longer we recommend renewing them at this point.  It may seem illogical to renew your resources 48 hours early but if you are one of our many borrowers who doesn’t live close to the University (or you have difficulty attending the University regularly) it will help you to avoid fines and allow you to keep items for longer if you need them for your studies.  If the items have been reserved (shown as being on HOLD) you then have 48 hours to return the items, and copy any important details from the book before returning them.

Reservations can be applied at any time while you have an item on loan so we do not recommend waiting until your item’s due date to renew.  In fact a request could potentially be placed at the same time that you are trying to renew your books.  If you then find that a reservation has been placed you have no other option but to return the item immediately, and if you are not able to visit the library this could mean having to post the book back or being charged £1 per day until the item is returned.

When borrowing a book the first return date that you are given is the only period of time you can guarantee that you will have the book. If another student requests an item you have on loan we will never ask you to return it before its current due date but you will not be able to renew it, so please do not borrow resources with the belief that you can keep renewing them until you no longer need them.