You may not be on campus but we are and we're still ready to help, no matter where you are:

  • The Service Update page on our website has all the latest information about our services and any changes to normal operations, including library support for those self-isolating.
  • The Learning Hub is open from 8am -10pm daily and you can go to the shelves to collect any books you need as long as you can wear a mask. If you do not feel able to come into the Learning Hub for any reason then we have a click and collect service for books, which enables you, or a nominated person, to collect the items from campus.  
  • If you need to return items to us, you can either drop them into the book return bin in the Visitor Centre next door to McColls, or any book return bin throughout the Learning Hub. If you are off-site and not planning to come back for any reason, or have completed your course and you still have books from the library then email and we will advise you on how to get the books back to us.  
  • E-Books and e-journals – and remember, around 80% of our resources are available online as e-books, e-journals or online videos, so check on NELSON to see what we hold electronically.   
  • Please do not stress about your library account or loans. If you need anything at all please just get in touch at We are a friendly and helpful bunch  😊😊😊

Answered By: Library Help
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Borrowing resources

You can borrow books and items from the Library's physical collection, your Student ID card acts as your library card.

Once you have found the resources that you'd like to borrow, take them to one of our self-service machines, these are tall thin black devices located throughout the Learning Hub;

  • On the fourth floor, near the Silent Study area,
  • On the third floor, next to the laptop cabinet,
  • On the second floor, opposite the Library Enquiry Desk,
  • On the first floor, next to the book return point.

The library self-service machine on the Learning Hub third floor.

Once you are at a self-service machine press 'borrow' on the touchscreen to begin, then scan your Student ID card in the scanner below the screen. Hold your card so that the red light crosses the barcode.

Once it has scanned your card your library account will display on the screen, begin to place library resources onto the shelf below the card scanner, one at a time. As you place resources here they will appear on the screen, along with their due dates. Check that all the resources have been listed on the screen as you do this.

If any resources have a red 'X' next to them that means there has been an issue with loaning the resource, the most common issue is trying to borrow 'Shelf Reference' or 'Exhibition Catalogue' resources, these cannot be borrowed and must stay within the Learning Hub. You can identify these by the red 'Exhibition Catalogue' or white 'Shelf Reference' stickers across the bottom edge of the book.

Example of a Shelf Reference books with white sticker at the bottom edge.

If you are unsure, speak with a member of Library staff who will be happy to help you! 😊

Once you have finished, press 'finish' and a receipt will be printed for you providing you with the due dates of these resources.

Renewing resources

Resources you have borrowed will have a 'due date', when they need to be returned to the library. However, if you still need them for a little longer you can renew your resources, this moves the due date further back and lets you keep it a bit longer. If you are ever unsure about renewing your resources, speak with a member of Library staff and we'll be happy to help you!

Returning resources

Once you have finished with resources you have borrowed you can return them to us. If you are unable to return them personally, someone can return them on your behalf, or you can even post them to us.